Heritage of Cebu Monument

Pick out the portrayals of your favorite city sights and historical moments in this mesmerizing mixed-metal public artwork.

The Heritage of Cebu Monument is among the most visually and contextually interesting sights in the Philippines. The intricate work of art comprises various materials that depict scenes from the city’s complex history. Capture photos of this spectacular work and try to understand what it means to the local people.

Learn about the beginning of Spain’s colonial rule over the Philippines and see if you can decipher the scenes portrayed in the monument. They include the baptism of Rajah Humabon, who was king of the country at the time of the Spanish arrival.

Inspect the fascinating depiction of a Roman Catholic Mass and the 16th-century Battle of Mactan, when the Lapu-Lapu warriors defeated Spanish forces. See the arrival of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his Spanish fleet. Hire a guide to understand more details about the rich tapestry of events that led to present-day Cebu. Recognize the metal replicas of nearby attractions, such as the Minor Basilica of the Holy Child, the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and Magellan’s Cross.

The work of art stands on a traffic circle with narrow streets flanking the sides. Stroll along Colon Street, which is among the oldest roads in the city. Note the Yap-San Diego House across the street, which contains a museum and is known as one of the country’s oldest residential houses.

Learn how the structure was built over 3 years from a mixture of brass, bronze, concrete and steel. It was completed by artist Eduardo Castrillo at the end of 2000.

The Heritage of Cebu Monument is in the historic center of the city, in a zone full of fascinating attractions. A little south is the remarkable Fort San Pedro and the majestic Minor Basilica of the Holy Child. To reach the monument, get a bus or jeepney to the stop on Zulueta St. just north of the Parian Estuary.

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