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How do I change or cancel a hotel reservation?

Some hotel bookings allow you to make changes to your reservation online in your itinerary. If you select Change Reservation on your itinerary and are redirected to this article, online changes are not available, and you will need to cancel and rebook your reservation. You can make some changes to your existing hotel room reservation without a charge:

  • Guest name
  • Bed type
  • Smoking preference
  • Special requests
  • Accessibility options

You can also change the following, but a charge may apply:

  • Room type
  • Number of guests
  • Travel dates


To make changes to your hotel reservation

  1. Go to My Itineraries.
  2. Open the itinerary you want to change.
  3. Choose Change Reservation under Manage Booking.
  4. Select Edit for the changes you wish to make.
  5. If the Change Reservation link sent you to this article, cancel your reservation and book it again.


To cancel your reservation online:

  1. Go to My Itineraries.
  2. Open the itinerary you want to change.
  3. Click Cancel Room.
  4. Review the refund and fee details before finalizing the cancellation.

Refunds are issued within 7-10 days, but your bank or credit card company may not show a credit on your account until the end of the next billing cycle.


How do I know my hotel reservation is confirmed?

We will send you an email confirmation after you've completed your booking. You should receive the confirmation email generally within 15 minutes, although it may take up to several hours for it to arrive.

You can verify your reservations online through My Itineraries (linked at the top of every page), and send yourself a copy by clicking on "Email itinerary" in the left-hand column. You should check the spam or junk mail folder in your email to make sure your confirmation email was not blocked. You may need to add Expedia to your "allowed" senders list to receive confirmation emails and information regarding future bookings.


If I need to cancel my hotel reservation, will I receive a refund?

You can cancel your hotel reservation through your itinerary on Expedia. Before you make any changes or cancellations, please check the rules and restrictions associated with the hotel and room type booked to determine whether you can receive a refund. The rules and restrictions are located at the bottom of your itinerary.

Expedia does not charge fees for changes or cancellations; however, when the hotel charges such fees in accordance with its own policies, the cost will be passed on to you. Please note that some room types are fully non-refundable from the time they are booked. Additionally, hotels will generally charge a fee if cancellation occurs within 48 to 24 hours of the scheduled arrival. Rules vary by hotel and room type, so it is important to check the rules associated with your booking.

If you have booked a refundable hotel room, we will process your refund on the day of your cancellation. Most credit card companies will post the refund to your account within one to two weeks and to your statement within one to two billing cycles. If you do not see the proper amount on your credit card statement after two billing cycles, please call our customer care hotline.


For any further enquiries, please call our customer support number at +63 2 231 2411