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+VIP Access benefits

What it means

The +VIP Access hotel network is a collection of hotels with high standards of guest service and customer reviews of 4.0 or higher that are located around the globe. You can identify participating properties by the +VIP Access logo in your hotel and package search results.


How it works

Expedia+ members receive exclusive amenities and upgrades at +VIP Access hotels. Additional benefits include:

  • +silver and +gold members enjoy exclusive amenities, such as water bottles and spa credits, at participating hotels.
  • +gold members are eligible for room upgrades based on availability at check-in (subject to availability).


Upgrades can include:

  • Complimentary change in room category to one of greater value or quality.
  • Assignment to a preferred floor.
  • Assignment to a preferred location on a floor, such as away from the elevators or ice machine.


Upgrades cannot be reserved in advance. However, +gold members can receive an unlimited number of upgrades while membership is valid.

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